Creative Youth is a not for profit, registered charity that aims to enable young people to realise their potential through the Arts.  The charity allows young people to be involved in innovative, original, ambitious projects working with artists of the highest quality – often encouraging the artists and participants themselves to take initiatives, risks and push boundaries within their own work.  In close collaboration with key partners, Creative Youth aspires to mentor young individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations by providing artistic business and strategic support, allowing the next generation of artists to flourish.
As well as targeting some of the most vulnerable young people in the community, Creative Youth also reach out to large and diverse audiences as demonstrated by our commitment to using public spaces, street art and digital technology, enabling us to reach new, untapped audiences.  With the support and continuous involvement throughout the year of our President HRH the Earl of Wessex, Creative Youth has increased awareness regarding the importance and development of Youth Arts.

The core aims of Creative Youth (CY) are:

• Enabling young people to realise their potential through the Arts
• Equipping young people with the skills and confidence to succeed
• Celebrating the achievements of young people in the Arts
• Producing high quality programmes that showcase and support young and emerging artists

Creative Youth engages young people via different platforms e.g:

• Creative Youth organises and delivers distinct arts projects in collaboration with various diverse groups of young individuals in order to promote community engagement through the Arts.
• Creative Youth organises and delivers the International Youth Arts Festival Kingston – the leading youth arts festival in the UK.
• Creative Youth has a volunteer programme which has a core team of 50 volunteers, increasing to more than double that number during the festival period, who work on a multiple of projects.

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